The technology era hosts for rapid and intensive and developments in our sector. Our capability and effectiveness are being challenged on a daily basis as a result of the rapid  technology improvements we face. Having courage to take  bold steps to catch the requirements of the modern era is important as anticipating the risks and taking secure steps in order to achieve success. Sustainability of the success is however only achieved by implementing a professional management. Success in our business can be measured by the levels of employee satisfaction, coordination whit suppliers, customer satisfaction and service quality. Keeping these denominators at high levels is the primary  requirement to be successful, and achieving so is not only requires knowledge , but also devotion. Seeking excellence and being successful is only passible when individuals aim at the joy of being successful, more than any other motivations.

GİNTEK  Construction experiences the jay of being successful for more than 30 years by means the high quality projects it has finished in the construction  industry. It pursues for new accomplishments in infrastructure and superstructure projects comprising highways, housing, industrial facilities, sports, health and educational facilities and many more.
The volume of our services has especially grown and diversified in the past 10 years, in line with our continuously growing staff and expanding vision. As a result of our initiatives , we were ranked as 14th ,Among Turkey’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies at 2019 and 1th at 2020 in the award ceremony organized by Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges.The most important objective of Gintek Group is to build trust among its stakeholders, which we achieved by delivering many high quality projects since 1987. We continuously monitor and update our business operations in line with the latest technology to maximize customer satisfaction. All operations of Gintek , the mast critical ones being quality and safety , is compliant with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Despite the downfalls affecting construction industry   and the market in general, Gintek will do their best in order to survive and grow; and the reliability of our statement lies within the past of this family. I personally express my  sincere gratitude to our employees and managers for standing by our side at all times.I sincerely hope that our country , the culture bridge between Europe and Asia and capital world-wide of trade, has the global market share it deserves in near future; and our company, which I managed to establish, earns a worthy place in  international market in the hands of responsible members of the generation.

Chairman of the Board